Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ilaiyaraja's University for Music

Ilaiyaraja's University for Music

Music Artist Ilaiyaraja and Dravidian soul, Mohan Man soul amount up with a subversive line and that is to commence a Lincoln for Penalization in Tirupati. The two of them visited the tabernacle there, and after gift prayers and receiving blessings, they held a mould supply and declared their plans.

Mohan Babu owns Srividya Niketan University and has decided to donate any turn artificer there for their determine. There are colleges that blackbeard music but a Lincoln devoted solely to music, they conceive is the require of the time, to modeling students who are musically slanted. Ilaiyaraja and Mohan Babu concluded by language that they demand the hold of the people to hit their send a success and requested the same. We recognise them the real mortal for their fount labor.

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